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We are
an independent
Brand Agency
built on more than 30 years
of architectural lighting experience
throughout the MENA region

Welcome to our World!

Why MSF Lighting

Personalized Service
Our team is committed to on-the-ground presence and proactive collaboration. We approach every opportunity with a hands-on, highly personal level of involvement that we carry through every facet of a project's life cycle.

Technical and Commercial Expertise
We are lighting specialists. Our combined set of skills covers specification support, product selection, smart budgeting and product integration. We work within performance, budget and timeline constraints to provide projects with the most adapted packages.

Family First
Basil, our founder, is the proud father of 3 boys, whose initials have inspired the name of our agency. Anumol, our technician commercial manager is the proud mother of 2. As parents of young children, our team gets daily inspiration from their respective families as they take on project challenges.



These aren’t just words! These are the professional values of our agency as well as the code by which our team members live their personal lives.

These values aren’t new. They have been ours for years and have stood the test of time.
We believe in them, we abide by them and we have been fortunate enough to evolve thanks to them.


We are a technology-first agency! We take pride in the innovation, the quality and the performance of the products and services of our partners.

If there is one thing that is recurrent in the construction industry, it is problems. Thankfully, we are problem-solvers, we don’t shy away from complexity and we rely on our diverse skill-set to bring about solutions that take into account everyone involved.

As the saying goes, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. We tackle our work with a single, straightforward and result-driven approach: make it simple!


Although our agency is new, our team has been working as one for more than 3 years. Our methods have been field tested and we have immediately hit the ground running

Basil Al Masadeh

Managing Director

For the past 15 years, Basil worked in engineering and sales with some of the most trusted manufactures, distributors and agents in the MENA region; an experience he harnessed to shape the unique optic through which he sees the architectural lighting market. A born communicator, Basil believes that good relationships bring about good business. Unless he’s working on his famous Mansaf, you will be able to reach Basil on:

Anumol Baby

Techno Commercial Manager

For the past 15 years, Anumol worked in lighting design and Techno Commercial engineering with top rated design studios, distributors and agents in India and the GCC. She has the distinctive ability to perceive design intent, understand project hurdles and package solutions that will satisfy specifiers whilst meeting the needs of distributors. Unless her children are preparing for exams, you’ll be able to reach Anumol on:


Project Owner Support

Governments, real estate developers, corporations and endusers have one thing in common: they understand ownership at both the investment and the personal level.

At the investment level, the selection and sourcing of lighting fixtures needs to fit a budget, control energy consumption and limit environmental impact while performing flawlessly. At the personal level, beauty is the driving force!

At MSF Lighting we believe that our brands and products offer a balance of performance and beauty, of environmental awareness and return on investment.

Specifier Support

MSF Lighting is the bridge between specifiers and high-end manufacturers. We provide studios with manufacturer input, product selection and budgeting, enabling designers to pick solutions that fit.

Whether your focus is on architecture, façade, landscape or interiors, our team will build performance-driven solutions that are standards-compliant and project-specific

Distributor Support

We are proud to be an independent architectural lighting agency. It is our independence that gives distributors the piece of mind to collaborate with MSF Lighting on a strategic level.

From brand education, to product selection, technical guidance and budget engineering, our team works hand in hand with leading distributors in the MENA region to source the right solution for the right project.

Installation Supervision

The products of our partners are designed and manufactured for seamless integration with Building Management Systems (BMS) and AV automation.

With that in mind, our presence in the GCC gives us the ability to join forces with distributors we work with in order to support contractors with product installation training and on-site supervision.

After Sales

As agents, our role does not end with installation supervision! We remain available to help our clients with after sales services, including troubleshooting, upgrade requirements and warranty enforcement.

Our Partners

Our valued partners are integral to our success, fostering collaboration and growth through shared goals and values.

Lumenpulse, the brand that started it all for LMPG, is the Fleuron (French for Flagship) of Canada’s luminaire manufacturing!

Based in Montreal Canada since 2006, the brand designs and manufactures durable, high-performance Luminaires that benefit from a panoply of optics, colors, accessories and finishes to the delight of specifiers across the world.

Welcome to the illuminated world of Vexica, where expertise, experience and innovation combine to redefine the linear LED lighting experience.

Founded in 2010, the team at Vexica have long been at the forefront of LED technology and are committed to utilising the latest technology to create luminous experiences that continue to captivate. It is because of this commitment that Vexica products have been specified on so many high-profile projects throughout the globe.

Specialising in the production of flexible and rigid linear LED lighting solutions, Vexica’s UK-based factory is a state-of-the-art facility housing the full process under one roof. This level of control allows the utilisation of only the best components and ensures quality control to our own high specifications. Alongside their own lighting products, Vexica are also proud to offer a design and manufacture service for several high-profile OEM customers.

Roblight is a remote source lighting specialist with an expertise in fiber optic technology.

Established in 1995, Roblight designs and manufacturers its diverse range of products and highly customizable solutions in a 3000 sqm factory in Frederikshavn, Denmark.

Exenia is a significant player in the professional lighting sector, specialised in the production of LED lighting fixtures for indoor use, suitable for all types of installations, from residential to commercial, from museums to showrooms. A growing company, with an entrepreneurial culture solidly based on the principles of collaboration, transparency, respect, social responsibility, quality, research, innovation, sustainability, design and personalization.

Established in 2010, from the decades of experience of its founders in the lighting sector, in December 2015 Exenia became part of the Lumenpulse Group. A stimulating synergy was born within an international network of young and innovative companies.

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